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Crime Articles: Learn To Avoid Becoming A Victim

Escape the grip of violence by learning how criminals choose their prey and why they do it. Use these crime articles to avoid becoming a victim.

There’s much to learn about these shocking and often disturbing creatures we call “Criminals”! It may turn your stomach, but if you’re like me, you might discover that learning about them can be quite fascinating.

My hope is that these pages give you a ton of useful knowledge that will help you to be safer out there in this violent world of ours.

So dive in and see what you can learn!

The Criminal Mind

The Criminal Mind - Skinhead criminal with tattoos screaming at camera

Criminals do some shocking and disturbing things. Our newspapers are full of their awful actions. I made a decision quite a while ago not to read the upsetting articles in the newspaper. I prefer to focus on the positive things in life.

I find it far more interesting and useful to try to understand The Criminal Mind. I know that if I understand their motives and how they go about choosing their victims, I will have a much better chance of avoiding them altogether.

Do yourself a favour and carefully read about what makes these "creatures" do what they do. You'll be far better prepared to deal with one one day. It may even save your life!

Crime Risk Factors

Crime Risk Factors - several people in public talking on their cell phones

Whether you like it or not, all of us have certain habits or behaviours that we do every day that actually put us in danger of being victimised by criminals. There are so many tiny signals that you put out without even realising it.

By learning about the signals you are showing the world through your behaviour, you can reduce your chances of being attacked by criminals. In this article, I discuss the Crime Risk Factors that may make a difference to your safety.

Keep an open mind here, and see if there is anything you can change about your habits to make you less of a target for crime.

Crime Safety Tips

Crime safety tips - A yellow sign saying high vehicle crime area

With all the information out there about self defense, weapons, awareness and so on, it can be difficult to figure out what you should actually DO to reduce your risk of falling prey to criminals.

What you really need are some simple Crime Safety Tips that you can use TODAY. These tips will help you to get started with building good safety habits. Once you learn and become used to each of these habits, it takes no effort at all to keep doing them every day.

The only difference is, your actions are making you MUCH less attractive to violent criminals.

YOUR Crime Stories

YOUR Crime Stories - Close up photo of a scared female eye

Living in South Africa with its high crime rate, you hear so many stories from people about their personal experiences with crime. Whenever my wife and I go to a social gathering at some point in the evening the discussion turns to crime.

There is ALWAYS somebody at the table who has either personally been a victim of crime or has a close friend or family member who was victimised.

Having witnessed this I came away with two realisations:

  • Almost everyone has at least one crime story
  • People LOVE to talk about their experiences with crime

If YOU have a crime story to share, why not send it in to me on the Crime Stories page and I will publish it on this website? You don't have to leave your name if you would prefer not to.

Crime Articles About Specific Types Of Crime

Home Invasions

The thought of somebody breaking into your home to steal your valuable things is enough to make most people seriously angry.

Home Invasions - A masked burglar trying to crowbar a window open

But the idea of a violent group of criminals breaking down your door WHILE you are at home to torture and possibly kill you and your loves ones... almost unthinkable!

This nightmare scenario is, sadly, quite a common crime in South Africa. Home Invasions are committed by the MOST violent criminals and result in lasting trauma to the victims who are able to survive these horrible crimes.


Hijackings - A street sign saying "Hijacking Hotspot" in Joburg, South Africa

This crime articles section of Escape Crime would be incomplete without a page about Hijackings.

MY fellow South Africans are VERY familiar with this terrible crime. Those of you who live in other countries may be more accustomed to calling them "carjackings".

Whichever word you use, the crime is the same. The sad thing is, if the bad guys only took your car it may not be so terrible. Most people have insurance. But it's the WAY they do it that makes this crime so traumatic.

Being threatened with death or rape, being physically beaten or even tortured. Victims are sometimes killed even AFTER they have agreed to give the criminals the car and everything in it. Complying with their demands is no guarantee of safety.

Find out what you can do to reduce your chances of falling victim to this particular kind of crime.

Aggravated Robbery

Aggravated Robbery - Man threatening girl with his hand over her mouth

Aggravated Robbery or "mugging" is when a criminal or several criminals (they often work in groups of 2 or more) try to frighten a person into giving up their valuables (wallet, jewellery, cell phone etc).

Sometimes the criminals will even shoot or stab the victim BEFORE even asking for their wallet or valuables. To some of these predators, this seems like an easy way to ensure that the victim won't resist or argue with them!

As frightening as this crime is, there are always things you can do to be better prepared to fight back or even avoid the criminals altogether. This crime article will help you learn what to do and what not to do to keep yourself safe from harm when faced with a robber.

Vehicle Crime

Vehicle Crime - Lonely car in parking lot

Most of us spend a huge amount of our time in our cars, getting to and from work, going to get groceries and so on. Vehicle Crime is any crime that happens near your vehicle.

Since they are such a big part of our lives, it only makes sense that we should prepare for the possibility of being attacked while near them. Click through to this crime article and find out how to avoid becoming a victim!

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