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The Criminal Mind:  Chilling Truths

Frustrated to hear about the latest shocking crime? Tap into the criminal mind and discover the chilling truth about what makes them tick.

It's extremely important to understand the way a criminal thinks, since, like all human beings, his thoughts influence his actions.

As we know, the actions of a criminal are usually pretty devastating. In fact, they can leave us scratching our heads, wondering how anyone could ever behave that way.

By gaining a better understanding of the way a criminal thinks, you will be better able to:

  • Avoid criminals
  • Stop doing things that attract criminals
  • Become more motivated to take action on safety tips and advice
  • Gain a true appreciation for the lows that violent criminals are prepared to go to
  • Understand the motivations behind certain types of crimes

The Criminal Mind Is Alien

I have read that the way a criminal thinks has more in common with an alien than with most human beings! The kinds of behaviors and motivations some criminals have are truly strange when seen from the point of view of a normal, law abiding person.

Criminals who think nothing of raping a baby or killing a whole family in their home are so different from normal people that they might as well BE aliens.

Once you have read this article, you will see that the sooner you stop thinking of criminals as your fellow human beings, the better.

That statement may seem a little cold to you.

I don't mean that you need to throw out the very human feelings that make you and I so different from the criminals. I would never suggest that!

What I do suggest is that you adopt a more realistic idea of what the criminal mind is capable of.

They Are Not Like Us

Violent criminals, in particular, are a whole different kettle of fish! You may have had to deal with difficult people in your life. Perhaps you've had an unreasonable and moody boss before (hasn't everyone)? Perhaps you have a relative who is just a bundle of trouble.

If you know someone like this then you have some idea of how people can behave in ways that go against society's rules. This person thinks nothing of shouting at an employee in front of others. They may find it completely okay to insult or swear at someone for almost no reason.

Take that personality, that willingness to break society's social rules and multiply it by 100 or even 1000.

Now you have some idea of how the criminal mind works.

No Boundaries

Normal, law abiding people have a strong internal rule book. Some may call it a "conscience". This conscience is there as a result of thousands of little lessons that we have learned while interacting with other people.

First, it was our parents who (hopefully) taught us the right ways to behave around other people. Then we were taught other valuable lessons by our teachers at school.

 "No, Johnny, don't hit Mark over the head with your pencil case!"

Even though many of us probably don't remember more than a few specific times when we were taught a lesson like this, they happened all the time.  Every single "lesson" like this prepared us to become the people we are today.

The lessons we learned help us to fit into society and get along with others. Since most of us learned these valuable social skills, we are able to work alongside others in our jobs, get along with our spouses and teach our children right from wrong.

A large number of the lessons we learned had to do with the topic of "Boundaries".

Boundaries are our ideas about what we should do and what we shouldn't do. Where is that line that we should not cross? What is acceptable and what is definitely NOT acceptable?

The criminal mind often doesn't have these mental boundaries. There are several possible reasons WHY they are missing these important mental stop signs.

Perhaps they:

  • Had parents that didn't love and care about them (See the impact of Child neglect)
  • Were sexually, physically or emotionally ABUSED by their parents or a relative
  • Had traumatic events in their past that killed off the part of their minds that understands boundaries
  • Were born with a brain injury (See Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)
  • Received a brain injury during their lives that affects their ability to know right from wrong
  • Are simply EVIL to the CORE

That last reason may surprise some people...

...but I firmly believe that EVIL exists.

You may not choose to believe it, but in some cases, there is no other explanation for a person’s bad behavior.

I do not necessarily believe that evil is a spiritual concept (i.e. a religious concept). However, you only have to read a little about serial killers like Ted Bundy to believe that there must be something very strange going on in the criminal's mind.

The Criminal Mind - Serial killer Ted Bundy smilingTed Bundy - Serial Killer - July 1978

By all accounts, Ted Bundy had a normal childhood with normal, loving parents. He also went on to torture and kill 30 women during a 4 year spree of violence in the 1970's that shocked the world.

There was something wrong with his mind and it did not seem to be the result of anything his parents or teachers did or didn't do for him while he was growing up.

Don't Assume A Criminal Won't Cross That Line

A common mistake that "normal people" like you or I make is thinking (even subconsciously) that criminals will be "reasonable".

For example, victims of rape have told stories of their rapist promising not to hurt them if they would "just stay quiet".

With all due respect to those victims, believing a "promise" from a criminal is just foolish!

What on earth made them think that this violent person would keep their promise? After all, he had just threatened them with a knife or a gun!

Yet this error in thinking is commonly made by many victims of criminal violence. It's a natural human tendency to believe that ALL people share our caring, reasonable mental boundaries and "rules".

Unfortunately, the criminal's mind busts through these so-called "boundaries" and just carries on without a care in the world.

Resisting The Truth Of The Criminal Mind

You may feel that it's easy to understand the criminal mind on the surface. However, the problem is that even after reading these words, you may still believe, deep down in your heart that:

  • All people are good
  • Everyone can change
  • We should always give people the benefit of the doubt
  • Nobody is really ALL BAD

Whether you like to hear it or not...

...these are just LIES you have been told by other people.

These lies DO NOT apply to everyone in this world. If they did, you would not read horror stories in the newspaper about people being hurt, raped and killed by criminals EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Once you can accept the REALITY that there are people out there who do not and never will live life according to society's rules, you will have a powerful weapon in your hands.

You will have overcome a barrier in YOUR mind that will enable you to keep much safer from all kinds of crime. This is an important step in the direction of learning to protect yourself and your loved ones from society's EVIL men and women. 

I really hope you give some hard thought to these words, as they may be the most important ones on this entire website!

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