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Survival Instincts Give You The Edge Against Criminals

Utilise your natural survival instincts to avoid or defeat your attackers. Get the “edge” against violent criminals using the daring ideas in this article. Accessing and putting these instincts to use is a mostly forgotten skill that’ll make you a much “harder target”.

What I mean by this is using your mental strength and ferocity to fight back against a criminal with extreme, effective violence.

The fact of the matter is that many criminals are exposed to violence from a young age. They may have grown up being abused physically, emotionally or sexually. Sometimes they've even experienced all three. In addition to this, many criminals exist in violent subcultures. Fights, threats and death are common occurrences in the places where these people live and spend the majority of their time.

As a result, they're naturally more comfortable with aggression and violence and are quite happy to use these things themselves in order to get what they want.

Fighting Fire With Fire: Accessing Your Survival Instincts

Unfortunately, many of us normal, peaceful citizens have grown up in almost the exact opposite situation.

I say "unfortunately", because the lessons and skills we learnt growing up have left us completely unprepared to counteract true, in-your-face violence!

What many people don't like to acknowledge is that the only way to effectively defeat violence... with even GREATER violence!

I really don't believe in that "Turn the other cheek" nonsense!

The world does not work that way. If you "turn the other cheek" to the violent robber who has just punched you, you are probably not going to survive the next blow he sends your way.

Learning To "Become The Bad Man"

I read something long ago in an online discussion forum that really struck a chord with me. Someone said that when a criminal chooses to victimise you or one of your loved ones, the only sure way to have any chance of survival is to...

..."Become the Bad Man!"

I took this to mean that in that situation, you need to temporarily switch off all the things you ever learned about being kind to others and turning the other cheek. The only way to win is to reach deep within yourself and access that survival instinct or whatever you choose to call it, and fight back with MORE VIOLENCE than the criminal is using against you.

Of course, I am only saying you should act this way in the most severe and deadly of situations. You should keep "the bad man" firmly locked away during your argument with the drunk at your sister's wedding. This is not for silly, immature disagreements with people who don't really mean you any serious harm.

Only when you KNOW that this violent person in front of you is trying to seriously injure or kill you, should you access the part of yourself that is capable of extreme violence.

Learning The Skills Of Violence

While many men and women have successfully accessed their survival instincts or "warrior spirit" in dangerous situations and used it to survive, most of us would be better served by learning some actual skills to help us fight more effectively.

If you don't know anything about violence and the last "violent" thing you did was kick little Johnny Stevenson in the shins in Junior School, then you own it to yourself and your loved ones to get some decent training!

I have written about Martial Art Training elsewhere on this site, so you can read more about what I recommend there.

Having said that, a major factor in almost any violent situation is weapons. Who has them and who doesn't.

In today's world, unfortunately, it's often the criminal that arrives with a weapon of some kind in his hand, along with the willingness to use it.

The average family man living in a middle class neighbourhood is not used to carrying weapons and thinking about hurting those around him. This is what gives most criminals the advantage in an attack. They have a weapon and their mind is made up. They are MORE than willing to use it to hurt or even kill you if you don't do what they want.

Just Give Him What He Wants!

This is what many people say when they hear someone talking about standing up and fighting back against criminal violence.

"Just give him your wallet!"
"Just get out and let him take your car!"

This attitude seems fine on the surface, but the thinking behind it is rooted in fear and lack of preparation.

What if the criminal wants your body?

What if he wants the life of your child?

Are you still going to say, "Just give him what he wants and he'll go away!"?

If you simply give in to the robber who asks for your wallet, you haven't magically made this person leave you alone.

The sad fact is that many victims of hijacking and home invasion in South Africa have been shot and killed even AFTER giving the criminal or criminals EVERYTHING that they wanted!

This is not the ideal strategy for surviving a criminal attack. It's a dangerous gamble that is usually done by someone who feels like they don't have a choice.

Give Yourself Some Choices

The only way to have any other options in a violent situation is to have:

  1. The mental strength to "Become the BAD MAN"
  2. The skills and training to fight back effectively
  3. A weapon to further improve your odds of survival

Only once you have these things on your side...

...will you TRULY have OPTIONS!

Continue to read this website and any others that you feel have useful information about surviving a criminal assault. Pick up all you can about developing your survival instincts. In addition to this, seriously look into starting some martial art training in your area. Even just a few classes per week will vastly improve your capability to survive a criminal attack.

Above all, cultivate the right MINDSET!

Think long and hard about what you would do if attacked. Make decisions on what you are capable of doing to survive. This mental exercise will change you in a very positive way if you take it seriously.

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