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Best Self Defense Course For Women: Model Mugging

Choosing the right self defense course for women can be a challenge. Don’t settle for poor quality training. Model Mugging will empower you to fight back!

Highly Realistic Self Defense Training

The training offered by the Model Mugging organisation is very different from most other self defense courses. They have been around since the 1970's and have done a ton of research into crime and the ways that women are actually attacked.

The result of their research is the original program that developed using a "padded attacker" or "Bulletman" to teach their students how to fight back against criminals.  There are many martial science ( aspects involving teaching methodologies within the instructional system of Model Mugging, but the padded assailant is the most renowned aspect of the self defense program

What is a "padded attacker" you ask?

It's simply a man dressed up in a padded suit that lets him withstand full force strikes and kicks to the head and body without getting injured. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

This is really at the heart of what makes this kind of training so valuable. The problem with most self defense courses for women is that the students never get to practice the moves they've learned at full power and speed.

This means they never learn to access that very primal, aggressive side of themselves that comes to the surface when you're encouraged to really hit with all your strength.

The Effects Of Adrenaline

The other significant factor that is lacking in other self defense courses for women, is the addition of actual Adrenaline.

Feeling tremendous fear and even panic is a likely side effect of being physically attacked by a criminal. I think anyone can appreciate how frightening it can be.

The tricky thing is that when you are extremely afraid, your body releases a hormone called Adrenaline into your bloodstream. This hormone often causes very unsettling feelings in the body such as:

  • Rapid breathing
  • Tunnel vision
  • A feeling of needing to go to the toilet
  • Anxiety
  • Sudden, excessive sweating
  • And even the dreaded "Freeze" response (like a deer in the headlights!)

However, nature is no fool! Adrenaline serves the very important purpose of getting your body ready to take action. This is called the "Fight or flight reaction".

It can cause some of the following positive effects in the body (to help you survive):

  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Reduced pain perception
  • Reduced bleeding (if you get injured)
  • Increased speed

Normal Self Defense Training Doesn't Cause An "Adrenaline Dump"

Sadly, most self defense courses for women don't stress the students enough to cause their bodies to produce a dose of adrenaline (the so called "Adrenaline Dump").

However, the Model Mugging trainers have decades of experience training women. They know what kinds of training scenarios cause women to experience enough stress or fear (in a controlled environment) to practice fighting while feeling the effects of adrenaline.

This video will give you a good idea of what fighting against a Model Mugging padded attacker is like. Take a look:


Decades Of Experience Empowering Women

The trainers at this self defense course for women are highly experienced and regularly work with women who have been traumatised by rape, muggings and other violent attacks.

It's natural that this kind of training can be very emotional for some people, particularly if they have previously suffered an attack. However, the instructors understand how far they can push women in a warm, supportive environment where nobody is judged or stretched beyond their limits.

The main goal is for the women to grow in confidence and actual, realistic fighting ability. It would be useless if they completed the course with a false sense of confidence in their abilities. The aim is to properly prepare them to fight back effectively should they ever be attacked again in the future.

A wonderful side effect that many past students have reported is an increase in self confidence. It's something that is very obvious to criminals and often puts them off from attacking that person. So, not only are the women very well prepared for a future self defense incident, they are far less likely to be chosen as a victim in the first place!

Watch this video for another example of the excellent Model Mugging self defense course for women:


Highly Recommended Self Defense Course For Women

Model Mugging courses are available in many cities worldwide. Check their website: find out about a course near you. The website also has more photos and videos of the kind of training you can expect if you attend one of their courses.

Model Mugging logo - Self defense training for women

I highly recommend Model Mugging training as a way for women to prepare themselves for real criminal violence. The truly realistic and hard hitting nature of their instruction will go a long way to preparing you to survive a violent criminal attack.

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