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This page of Escape Crime gives you easy access to websites and forums that I highly recommend you check out. These resources have a ton of info about all aspects of learning to protect yourself from crime and criminals.

I am sure you will find these a real treasure trove of information. There is enough here to keep you reading for YEARS! Trust me on that one. I have personally learned so much from these sites over the years.

The forums mentioned below, in particular, have a really top class community of people whose knowledge in the field of self protection is unequaled!

So dive right in!

Discussion Forums Of Interest

1. Total Protection Interactive Forums - Really big, interesting forum of like minded people. Many are highly experienced in security, the military, various martial arts and law enforcement circles. Very friendly and helpful people who are all there to learn.  You have to complete a quick and FREE registration to view the forums and post. Highly recommended site!

Total Protection Interactive Forums banner

2. Warrior Talk Forums - A slightly different perspective from TPI above. Owned by Gabe Suarez of Suarez International. He used to be a cop and developed some hard won experience in surviving the fight against criminals. He and many others share their wisdom freely here.

Many of the same personalities regularly visit both forums. Training in every aspect of self protection is available (primarily in the United States). A web store for books, clothing and various training equipment is also available on the site. Very interesting information is shared here.

WarriorTalk Forums banner

3. Usual Suspect Forums - A semi-private discussion forum (your registration gets approved by the moderators of the forum before you can join the community). I really feel it's worth the short wait (it took a few days in my case). They have a huge community and many interesting discussions about self defense, knives, and tactics. 

The Usual Suspects Discussion forum logo

4. Gunsite South Africa Forums - This is a South African forum about firearms. There is very useful discussion about the complicated firearm licensing process in South Africa at the moment. There are also discussion threads about specific guns, hunting, reloading ammunition and so on. A very knowledgeable and friendly bunch of people there. Take a look!

Gunsite South Africa discussion forum logo

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